Guruji explains that the majority of people in the world, as they live their day-to-day lives, become engrossed in their cycle and ultimately numb to where they are internally. Taking the time to reflect on oneself, including thoughts, feelings, and perceptions helps guide us to do some self-analysis. Without this, we are not able to obtain any awareness of where we are, and how we want to grow.

Oftentimes, this rut that the majority of people fall into is buried even further with things like entertainment, which may bring temporary elation out of the regular numbness of everyday life. This way of life will take one through cycles of fleeting excitement and then back into a period of boredom and exhaustion, evading the ultimate goal of living with peace and stillness. In order to be able to get in touch with and understand how one is feeling, it is important to stop and reflect.

Awareness begins with yourself. You must understand and be aware of your own perceptions so you can begin to face the truth and align with reality. In order to stay connected to the God of your understanding, Guruji teaches that you must be truthful to yourself and others. If you are not honest personally, you cannot accept where you need to grow. Avoiding honest self-reflection will create a false idea of who you are. This clouds your life perception and interaction with others. Ultimately, you cannot live a life of truth and honesty if you are not honest with yourself.

Guruji teaches the importance of daily self-reflection. He calls this “Chintan.” Taking just 15 minutes at the end of the day to reflect on your achievements and events that occurred throughout the day can help you find the places where you can improve. Doing this regularly will inevitably lead to a level of self-awareness. We can begin to extend our analysis to the previous week, year, decade, etc. which ultimately helps us break our rut of numbness. This way, we ensure that we are not simply living life just going through the motions, but rather truthfully reflecting on our past and learning from it.