Jagdish Singh is an accomplished life force energy healer. He is able to harness the universe’s intelligent energy and transmit it to any part of the globe, connecting the recipient with nature’s life force and creating a desirable impact on the recipient. With the direction and guidance of Guruji, Mahendra Trivedi, Mr. Singh’s abilities have been scientifically tested, measured, documented and published in international, peer-reviewed science journals.

He feels very fortunate to be one of the 100+ Biofield Energy Healers nurtured by Mr. Trivedi. Jagdish had always had an internal longing for the right Guru in his life, which was fulfilled when he met Guruji in 2011. From his first energy transmission from Guruji, Jagdish knew that he needed to look no further. His search for a spiritual master had been fulfilled. Jagdish’s journey to become a life force healer and spiritual growth illustrates the true value of a Guru in one’s life.

What is a Guru’s role in one’s life?

The origin of the term “Guru” comes from Hindu mythology. Broken down, the term literally describes its meaning. “Gu” means darkness, and “ru” means dispeller of the darkness. Thus, the meaning of Guru is one who dispels darkness and brings in light. In a human’s life, a Guru plays the role of connecting one to the source. Kabir Das, a 15th-century poet, and saint, explained the true value of a Guru through his writing. He said, “If I have in my presence, my Guru, or the God of my understanding, who shall I bow to first?” He finished his statement by explaining that he would bow to his Guru. Without Guru, it would be impossible to connect to the Divine. That is the true level of reverence given to the Guru.

Finding a Guru is important in life, but it is also important to understand what it means to find the right Guru. The right Guru for one’s life is someone who has been through the journey and is connected to the Divine. The right Guru transforms you, so that you begin to see your pathway as well. He guides you so that you can develop your internal guidance system and begin to make the right decisions for your growth. Guru raises your level of consciousness and brings connection to Divine, the ultimate gift of life, so you can be connected to the Creator and truly appreciate the creation.

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, better known as Guruji, is a divine being who has scientifically demonstrated what is possible through divine grace. He has shown his ability to harness the divine grace and transform anything to its highest potential. The hundreds of science experiments Guruji has done prove his incredible abilities. Guruji connects you to the God of your understanding; to the source of power, regardless of your beliefs and religion. He transcends any religions, dogmas, rituals, etc. He is immersed in and is an extension of the ultimate source: the Creator.

To hear Jagdish’s interview on this topic, please visit https://player.fm/series/business-innovators-radio/jagdish-singh-why-people-need-a-guru-in-their-life