Excitement is defined as a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness, or something that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness or an exciting incident. Many people take the feeling of excitement as a positive occurrence in their lives. The truth of this feeling, however, is that it is both incomplete and dangerous.

Newton’s third law can be applied to better understand the effect of excitement. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Excitement is a fleeting feeling, and the cycle of up and down is evident. After excitement fades, one will feel blue or down. This ultimately causes us to chase that high feeling of excitement again and again, only to find disappointment at its fleeting nature, experiencing boredom and exhaustion after the excitement fades once again.

Guruji, Mahendra Trivedi explains why this happens, and guides us to strive for the feeling of fulfillment rather than excitement. One experiences fulfillment when their sole priority in life is connection to the divine. When this is the foundation, then every occurrence has no “good” or “bad” perception; it is simply a situation. When one lives with the goal of attaining a connection with the divine, then what life may bring is of no worry, because there is nothing to lose. When you have a connection to the source, then it is evident that whatever is needed will be provided to you. There is no baseless attachment to fleeting thoughts or events, there are no highs and lows. Everything that occurs is an opportunity given by the divine which is accepted with gratitude. Highs and lows turn into a steady contentment.

Thus, the reason this chase after excitement happens is because one is not connected to the divine. We chase excitement not knowing what fulfillment is. Being disconnected easily throws us into a cycle that can never be complete. This can leave room for misguided beliefs. For example, striving to be what you cannot instead of living to your full and highest potential. Guruji explains with an analogy: being connected to the divine results in you being your highest self and fulfilling your life purpose. An apple tree, when blessed and connected with the source, will produce fruitful and high quality apples. It will not be shaken with excitement and chase the thought of being able to produce mangoes. This example highlights the importance of aligning with the truth and with nature’s will. Part of being fulfilled in life is respecting and understanding that divine will is the driver of everything in life.

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