The Trivedi Effect, in addition to many well-documented benefits, has the power to bring recipients to a higher level of consciousness.

As we, the recipients of this energy, rise in consciousness, we begin to become more aware of ourselves and our environment. When (Guruji) Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, blesses us with The Trivedi Effect, we receive a boost which takes us to the next level of consciousness, and we go through a process of transformation. Guruji has graciously explained that at this time, it is crucial to understand that one may experience some discomfort. The experience of transformation varies for everyone. No transformation is comfortable, and some may be more prominent than others.

For example, the transformation of a butterfly, while uncomfortable for the caterpillar, is a necessary step in this beautiful journey to help it reach its full potential. The butterfly goes through significant stages in its life. While it is a caterpillar, its main task is consumption of food. The caterpillar knows that its purpose during this time is to eat and store fuel for when it is ready to create a protective cocoon around itself and prepare for the transformation of turning into a butterfly. When it is time, the butterfly transitions into the chrysalis stage. During this part of its life, there is a dramatic transformation taking place inside the cocoon. The butterfly must be alone in its cocoon at this time, focusing on letting nature progress with the inherent process of change for the butterfly. The body of the caterpillar is slowly dissolving during this time while the cells of the emerging butterfly begin to develop, migrate together, and create a brand new being. Once this development has occurred, the butterfly emerges from its cocoon and is ready to live its life as this new being and share its beauty with the world.

For us humans, the process of transformation may include a shift in the association we have with our environment and those around us.

When one rises in consciousness level, one can expect a period of what is known as aloneness, much like the butterfly during its period of transformation in the cocoon, where one may feel disassociated with the people around him or her. As Guruji has shared with us, this should not be misinterpreted or confused with loneliness. This is truly wanting a closer connection with the divine during that state of aloneness.

Loneliness on the other hand, as Guruji has explained, is when you are feeling a void that may have been created by someone leaving your environment, such your companion or a close relative. If this void can be fulfilled by finding someone else to replace the feeling of loneliness, it is not a sign of growth or transformation.

In contrast, the feeling of aloneness, and wanting a deeper connection with the divine despite having human connections around you, indicates transformation and should be welcomed.