The divine is the source of everything.
It is the creator, the God of your understanding. When you have a deep connection to the God of your understanding, the ups and downs of daily life don’t consume you, be it a relationship, money or other material things, a series of events, a career, or other desires. When you have a strong trust and relationship with the creator, temporary and worldly things do not phase you, because the understanding that they are temporary and that you are taken care of is there.

When you are deeply connected with the divine, there is a sense of peace and calm in life. As Guruji has brought to light, many people mis-prioritize in life without realizing, putting mundane and material things over the one thing that matters most: a deep connection with the divine. In reality, all needs are fulfilled when a strong connection and trust with the divine is built. This is what (Guruji) Mr. Mahendra Trivedi does for us. Through his divine blessings or energy transmissions, he connects us with our source and life force: the divine.

As he so graciously explains, it is like the relationship an internet connection has to computers. Without a strong internet connection, the capabilities of the computer are very limited, but once connected, it can function in accordance with its purpose. In the same way, our connection to the divine is crucial to experiencing a fulfilling life. Guruji teaches that establishing and maintaining a connection with God is the key and trusting that all things come from that divine connection is what will result in certainty in life.

We are truly blessed to have an extraordinary being, Mr. Trivedi, in our lives, who has the ability to connect us with the source. Having that connection, which is the source of everything, is what empowers us to live with our full potential and in alignment with our divinely chosen life purpose.